How to Add Photo To Community Profile?

How to Add Profile Picture To Community Profile?

Is it Gonna auto Update from Toph Profile (The Other Profile than the Community Profile)? Well, If It’s The Case, Then Mine Isn’t Updating… What DO I Do now…?

NOTE:- I’ve Updated My Profile Picture at toph’s Main Domain Nearly 2 Hours Ago.

UPDATE:- The Profile Picture SomeHow Got Auto Updated as I Logged out and Logged in again. (From Both Community and Main Domain)

I think I don’t need to delete this post as it’s kind of a FAQ Question which might help out others. Waiting for Any Toph Author/Moderator’s Confirmation about this act…

See Selectable Avatars topic.

Then I will be asking for help from the moderator to Delete this Post, Sir! (As for Already a similar question exists)

Well, Good way of thinking.
But Toph Community is actually not that strict.
As far as I know the Mods, they will say that you can post anything that worry you or something like it. And if your post has some kind of problem, the Mods will hadle it for you.
You dont need to be that stiff.

I just gave the link so that you could get the anwer of your question from there.