HMSPLC: কোডshock_ 2020


The contest will start on 2020-05-17T04:00:00Z and will run for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

eta ki rated contest?

No, it’s not a rated contest.

vaia ami participate korte partecinaa

Just click the blue Sign Up button and wait until May 17, 10AM. Then the button will transform into Enter Arena. Then you can participate.

what was said in the last clarification of problem D ?didn’t get it… please clarify :\

The clarification owner didn’t noticed that the answer should be mod by 1e7. Then he realized and submitted and got accepted.

ami sudu akta problem solve korte paisi. ekon baki gula solve korbo kvabe?

@SifatTheCoder I welcome you to the Toph community.

Problem gula archived korar jonno ami @hjr265 ke request korechi. Uni jodi add koren tahole upsolve korte parba.

@Runtyme_Terror reported me that he could not submit solutions of this contest’s problems. So I tried to submit, but failed. I tried to submit in practice mode too, but failed. Toph is showing “Something Went Wrong” while submitting. No matter what, if I submit using file or using Toph’s IDE, it is showing that. I hope you’ll look that up @hjr265.

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@mdvirus This is because of an outage with our object storage provider:

I have my inbox flooded with error notifications since this morning all related to this outage.

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.