Help me on my code

Recently, I watched a video about a riddle named Cheat Death (watch it check out the channel too!). So I thought about a python code to solve it. It works and solved the riddle too :blush: (Not relevant to the given code). I also wrote a code which prints every 5 dice roll sequence and the final position of the player in the snake-ladder board.

fr=[4,5,19,21,28,35,44,47,52,53,59,70,76,81,88,98]	 #Snakes and ladders start positions.
to=[75,15,41,3,50,96,82,30,23,94,95,91,41,62,67,12]	#Snakes and ladders end positons.
def jump(n):	#Returns position after each roll.
	if n in fr: return to[fr.index(n)]
	else: return n
pos=[1,0,0,0,0,0]		#Position after each roll (pos[0] is the initial position).
for a in range(1,7):	 #a,b,c,d,e is the dice value of each roll.
	pos[1]=jump(pos[0]+a)#pos[i] is the position after ith roll.
	for b in range(1,7):
		for c in range(1,7):
			for d in range(1,7):
				for e in range(1,7):
					print(a,b,c,d,e," ",pos[5],end="")	#(Dice value in each roll, Final position)
					print(end="      ")			 #For neat printing.
					if pos[5]<=9: print(end=" ")	#For neat printing.

I know nested for loop isn’t the best way to do it. So, can you please help me to make this code more efficient.