Feature Request for Drafts

Dear Toph,

I am making the following request on behalf of @shefin :

“A script will be given by an author that will run and generate random cases for a a specific amount of time. It will feed both the intended solution and the brute force solution with the data. Outputs from both the brute force and the efficient solutions will be matched. If a mismatch is found, the specific case will be available to the judge and the script will end. Otherwise, the script will end after that specific period of time.”

This will help to find cases that may not have covered while writing the efficient solution. This will be a costly feature, since many executions will take place during this period. I have tagged Shefin so that he can give more specifics if required.

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Hey man, thank you for sharing these feedback.

I have been planning to add a way to programmatically generate test cases from within Drafts. But I have also been holding back until I had the time to think thoroughly about the feature.

But this feedback gives me a good angle at it. I will keep this in mind in sha Allah when adding the feature.

Thanks again!

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You are welcome :smiley:

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