Father Timm Memorial Programming Contest 3.0


The contest will start on 2023-01-14T09:10:00Z and will run for 4 hours.

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Is Python available to solve the contest problems?

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You can use C++11 GCC 7.4, C++14 GCC 8.3, C++17 GCC 9.2, C++20 GCC 12.1, C11 GCC 12.1, PyPy 7.1 (2.7), PyPy 7.1 (3.6), Python 3.7, and Python 3.8 in this contest. (Mentioned here under Rules.)

You can try to get a confirmation directly from the organizer though.

@hjr265 can I get the solutions of the problems. I mean can I get the successful submissions of problems. I tried some of the problems and got stuck in some. It will be helpful if you can send me those successful submissions.

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@Being_Gorom The problems have been added to the archive. You should now be able to access the submissions made during and after the contest.