Editorials of Replay of BSMRSTU Home Quarantine Contest - 3

Yesterday was my first contest here and I am wondering if any editorials of the problems will be published, or other players’ submissions. I am curious to know the solution of “Not Bad Array” problem!

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Hey @wydadman, while the authors of the round are preparing/finalizing the editorials, the problems have been added to the archive for everyone who wants to practice with them.

You can also see the source code of all related submissions for that Not Bad Array problem here: https://toph.co/submissions/filter?problem=5eaee2e736ac000001668c02

Easy Problem was about Triangles But Now i see some other problem when i click it . Is it any Bug or i am doing something wrong

Thank you! I can already see the submissions which is cool! Probably I won’t need the editorial if I understand the solution hahahah! But thanks a lot!

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