Easy Prime!

Limits: 1s, 256 MB

There are N numbers in an array. You will have Q queries. In each query, you can make 2 operations. These are:

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You need to figure out something more efficient.

I think this should help:

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What’s wrong with my code??

if the number of query operations is large your code can not pass this time because of time complexity N*N.To pass your code in time you should apply segmented Tree or Binary Index Tree(BIT).

can i do it by seive or segseive? Reply earlier kindly.

use sieve with some modifications!
like don’t save primes just make a bool array and just look upto sqrt(1e7) for primes but mark till 1e7 (though 5e6 works) !
(0.0s solution)

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CLE for Sieve of Eratosthenes solution (https://toph.co/s/648460).
@hjr265 Bhaiya, please increase the CPU limit for Python.

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Done. Give it a try now.

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I can see the changes. But I’m still getting CLE. My code’s taking 1s on the second case.