Default Programming Language Not Synced in Editor

In Settings > Problem Archive there is a option to set a Default Programming Language.

If set, it works only when someone is uploading his source code to submit. But most people use the Editor of Toph as they can test their code there too.
But when someone opens the Editor, the language selected there is always Bash.

If it was changed to be the Default Programming Language, that would be a lot better.
Because scrolling down and selecting another language becomes annoying as someone needs to do it repeatedly.

@hjr265 What do you say?

Edit: I forgot to give the screenshot then.

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That definitely is the intended behavior. Let me see what I can do.

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I didn’t get what you meant by, “That definitely is the intended behavior.”

  1. Bash being the default language in the editor is the intended behavior?
  2. The “Default Language” selected by the user to be the selected language in the Editor is the intended behavior?

Can you clarify?

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. What you described as your desired behavior is what is, in my opinion, the intended behavior. The current behavior is a bug.

I am currently working a bit slowly (feeling slightly unwell). So it might be a bit of time before I can get to this.

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No problem. It’s not that serious matter.

Hope you get well soon.

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The code editor in Toph should now automatically select the preferred programming language.

However, note that if you change the programming language from the list, it will remember that selection on a per-problem basis.

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Thanks a lot, It works fine now. <3

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