Current user stats of Toph

The Discourse chat system that Toph uses seems to support trust levels.

So, how many users in each trust level does Toph has currently?


To be honest, we don’t make use of this. Discourse has some built-in functionality, and not all of them are in line with how we want the Toph Community to thrive.

Let me finish the implementation of contribution points and then that will be a better way to figure things out.

Then what about the lounge.
You are not a regular currently but a mod.
Can you see the posts in it?

And it is understandable why Toph does not make use of it.
Just two TL3 user on entire Toph all time. (If I am not wrong)
Makes sense.

And how is Toph trying to implement a cntrib point system I wonder.

We don’t use the lounge, and don’t be surprised if it disappears. :slight_smile:

I will share more details about contribution points once it is somewhat ready. People are doing a lot of things to help Toph become better. Take the “Suggest Tags” button for example. We are getting quite a healthy flow of these suggestions. There are also those who write tutorials for us, there are problem authors, and also those who are suggesting institution information. All of these, big or small contributions, are helping Toph become better.

Contribution points will be a reflection of the effort these people are putting in.

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Then will the Discourse chat system be removed?
It is cute I think.

No, Discourse will stay. It’s what powers the Toph Community (i.e.

To begin with, I was somewhat astonished when I found out how empty Toph was when I had began to use this community.

The Social and Lounge category just proves it.

That is why I posted on the Social Category because I was very astonished by the fact that there was not even a single post there.

I think, there should be a separate category named Bugs and Feature Requests or something like this on Toph if you consider removing them.

And the Lounge is actually more boring that the Social category cause no one will see your post or reply either way.

Offtopic: I was right about only 2 TL3 users all time. Wasn’t I ? :grin: :yum:

And I also think that the way you are trying to implement the contrib point system might make Toph more commercial based than user based.

Cause, people who can add problems using Toph Drafts are the people who can get more contrib points than ordinary users.

[Note: I actually had asked you this because I mentioned you at the Lounge. But you did not seem to be replying. I wonder how the Lounge works**]**

@hjr265 see this historical picture. :grin: :grin: :grin:
I will preserve this to my ScreenShots Library in case the Lounge vanishes. :yum:
Then I can say that I was the only person at Toph who had ever unlocked the Lounge.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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