Criterion 2022 Round 19


The contest will start on 2022-09-09T14:15:00Z and will run for 3 hours.

Click here to learn more about this contest.
I couldn’t open the link. :frowning_face:

I am interested in participating in this contest.

We are really sorry for the issues you have experienced during Criterion 2022 Round 19.

We will post details of what happened and what we are doing to prevent from happening again. Please bear with us also as we fix these issues and improve your experience with Toph.

Your patience and support, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


what is the rating system on toph? I ranked 6th in criterion round 19 but rating increased to only 1636 from 1600, while my friend MNnazrul ranked 18 but rating increased to 1759 from 1623.

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Toph uses the Glicko-2 rating system: Rating System | Toph Help