Criterion 2020 Round 1


The contest will start on 2020-01-31T09:00:00Z and will run for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

@system @hjr265 Please tell us more about these contests.

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They are all rated. I have updated the first contest. Thanks for pointing this out, @mdvirus!

These are going to be regular contests on Toph. Right now, we are aiming to keep the frequency somewhere around 2 per month.

Each contest will have 5 problems of varying difficulty.


Problems of this contest have been added to the archive, and participant ratings have been updated.

This was our first Criterion contest of many to come. Let us know if you have any feedback.

See you all in the next contest!

Will editorial be published? @hjr265

Yes, it will be published very soon.

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Thank you. It will help us.

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@hjr265 Why did you guys remove the feature of seeing others solution?

@YouKnowWho Can not see own submission source code!

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