Crisis in Antartica

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Mr X and Y are famous chemists and mathematicians who live in Antartica. You know, it’s a cold place and temperature often go below freezing point. Suddenly, one day a crisis came to Mr X and Y and their neighbourhood. Their gas and electricity supply suddenly cut-off for some reason and there was a huge storm coming to them. Mr X and Y being gifted chemists quickly thought of a solution for their heat source and water supply. Their lab had huge collections of fully concentrated hydrochloric acid and Sodium Hydroxide base. They said to their neighbours, “Fear not! We can make heat and water from acid and base. Thus both heat source and water shortages can be met”. If you have forgotten some basics, then for your information reaction between acid and base is an exothermic reaction. Products of this reaction are salt and water and some heat which is equal to 57.3 KJ/mol. A curious science enthusiast among the neighbours asked, “How many KiloJoule of heat can you produce at max?”. Mr X and Y began to wonder how will they solve such a problem without a computer. Can you help them by calculating the maximum heat that can be produced?

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