Count the Chaos Submission Problem

I think there’s some chaos going on with this problem.
I just submitted a code in Python and got WA in the 2nd test case.
I submitted the same code (with different syntax) in C++ and got AC until test case 7.
But with the python submission, I got Wrong Answer.

In the C++ code, I got CPU Limit Exceeded in the 7th test case. I’d have no question if I got CE in the python one too. But instead I got WA.

Additionally, I looked on others’ submissions ( earliest, shortest ) and found out that their CPU usage didn’t go more than 0.1 second. But when I submitted those copied code, I got WA with the earliest and CE with the lightest. Which is very weird.

Please have a look at these submissions.

My C++ Submission:
My Python Submission:

The earliest submission:
Copied earliest submission:

The shortest submission:
Copied shortest submission:

I even submitted them with the same specific version of C++ they submitted.

Edit: I see two new test cases have been added. That’s the reason for CE. But I still don’t understand why my python submission is getting WA.