Corrupted Data? 0 Byte solution of a problem?

This problem has a 0 byte solution. It this caused lost submission data or something??


@hjr265 probably buggy checker?

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@touhidurrr Aww…
Man, are you tryna take away my world record of 0 Byte solution? :frowning:

I just hope @hjr265 doesn’t re-judge my submissions. :grin:

0 byte solutions should not exist !!!

That’s why it’s a world record.

I guess Guinness World Records should have my name on it! lol

It was a buggy checker indeed. Thanks for reporting.

Some initial fixes has been applied to the checker. Empty submissions should no longer pass.

@hjr265 I think you may need to rejudge the ~90 Accepted submissions in this problem.
Because even the shortest coder here has got away because of the buggy checker. :slight_smile:

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Well, Just got over the previous shortest one by 6 Bytes.

The lightest submission in the Leaderboard is also giving Wrong Answer. @hjr265


The checker of this problem had a bug which has been corrected recently. Older submissions may no longer be representative.