Contest with a Team

Is there any way to participate in a contest with a team?

@yuv_sust Please use a regular account for now. Our team functionality is a work in progress and is not quite ready yet for today’s contest.

Can we hope that it will be available before ISCPC Preliminaries?

Unfortunately no. There are a few other things that has been prioritized in Toph’s roadmap for the next few months.

Besides, the ISCPC contests are a bit different from official Toph contests. In these external contests, the organizers take responsibility of registration and require us to generate one-off accounts based on those information. So even if the feature was ready, it would have been very likely not used for the ISCPC Preliminary.

Hmm, You have got a point.
However, one-off accounts were not generated during the last preliminaries.

So, since the schedule has changed, I will ask the question again.
Can it be fixed before ISCPC preli?

The answer is still: unlikely.

It’s not really about fixing the feature. The feature exists. It was implemented a long time ago. But since then, a lot of things have changed in Toph. Enabling that old feature now will just feel out of place. Hence, I want to redo it.

But then, redoing it now is not optimal. And I definitely don’t want to use a feature in an event like this without testing it first.

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I was asking this because I think using personal accounts when you need to participate as a team is a confliction towards privacy.

So, I think that, this feature is more likely to be expected in this contest even more than other personal contests.