Chat Option on Toph

I can not find the option to chat with other users on Toph. Is it disabled for some reason?

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The chat functionality is enabled, but partially.

Right now you can chat through the public channels. Only two public channels exist that anyone can join. I will make more channels around topics and interests in sha Allah.

There are also member-only channels. For example Lounge. This is available to those who have authored a problem for one of Toph’s official contests (e.g. Criterion, Dash, Cubs, Spar, etc).

And finally personal chats… This is partially enabled. No one (other than Community admnistrators) can start a personal chat with another user yet. I am still exploring the feature. I need to do a few things around better integrated this with the rest of Toph and also address a few details in Toph’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

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I was looking to review a chat I had with a contestant. Is there a way I could access it?

Unfortunately, the legacy conversations feature have been disabled for quite a while now. I will confess, I am not sure if it will even work now if I enable it now. A lot of internal changes have been made where the legacy conversations feature was not tested.

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