CGS Intra School Programming Contest 2020


The contest will start on 2020-02-26T09:35:00Z and will run for 2 hours.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

What should we practice as a beginner

The basics at first
the Definition and to practise some Random codes on the IDE
it depends on how much are we willing code for?

i am Still going though the Phyton Crash Course
Advice you do the same

@thefiendadnan practice problem solving on toph ; try out the easy ones and give me your email address, I’ll send you a cheat doc

Dude, wasn’t the contest supposed to be at 3pm, why is it showing 10AM?

Also, do we need to come at the venue or can we participate from home

Are u coming to middle-school or directly to the upper School

You will have to come to the venue. Anyone participating but not present at the venue will be immediately disqualified.

Time’s updated. Do check.

hye my email address is can you provide it to me too i am also a begineer

This is the last day I code. Thank you CGS Coding Club for this wonderful experience!

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