Case-insensitivity in handles

I’ve noticed that the handles on are case-insensitive. I’ve checked it by trying to login with the handle as “Anonyo.AkAnD” instead of “anonyo.akand”, and it worked. To be sure that it’s really case-insensitive everywhere, I tried to create a new account with the handles “anonyo.akand”, “ANONYO.AKAND” and “Anonyo.AkAnD”. All of them are unavailable.
I’m sure that none of these handles exist, except my real one.

Is this a bug? Or a feature created for some reason?

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You have noticed two things. And, both of them are this way on purpose:

  • When logging in, your handle’s letter case is ignored. Regardless of how you type “anonyo.akand” (i.e. what letter cases you use) it is still you.

  • When registering a new account, no one should be able to get variations (different letter case and position of period or underscore) of your handle. For example, since “anonyo.akand” is registered, “anonyoakand”, “anonyo_akand”, “anonyoakand_”, “a.nonyoakand”, etc are all unavailable.

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Hmm, got it bhaiya.
I kinda like this feature now! It’s good for security purposes.
Also, I’m the king of all variations of my name!! :grin:

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