Can't see own source code

Hey @hjr265
I can’t see my own submitted source codes. Is this only happening with me or else? Please check.

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@mdvirus I was engaged with a personal thing. I am sorry for the late response.

You should be able to see your source codes now.

Hey @hjr265, I have problem on my profile also for a long time.
Can’t see the number or the list of my followers.
Where the buttons have vanished?

@touhidur Some changes are being made to the profile page. You should now see some addition buttons at the top of the page that let you access those lists.

hmm, found them.
But I must say that I liked the old system better.
The buttons trailing my dp was much more accessable I think.
And I don’t like the Idea of followers and following buttons with solved problems.

I also can not see my old submission source. What should i do?

This issue has been resolved.