Bug or not! (seeing others code)

sometimes i can see others code and sometimes can’t. what is the actual policy?
i prefer seeing others code.

If someone submitted their code in a contest then you will not be able to see them?

@fuad036 @mahfuzAhmed The current policy is:

You can see everyone’s code, except when it was made in a contest. If it was made in a contest, then it depends on how the organizers have set up the contest. They can choose whether the solutions will be viewable after the contest has ended.

However, I am thinking of implementing a different and simpler policy:

All submission source code will be viewable after the problem has been added to the archive.

That would be great! We can see the top rated coders solution then. It will increase our solving and coding skills. But many newcomers will directly copy-paste the codes without understanding the topic.

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@fuad036 @mahfuzAhmed @mdvirus The new policy has been implemented. Source code for submissions will be visible to everyone when a problem is added to the archive.


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