Bug in uDebug link!

The uDebug links in the new problems seem to be broken. Such as Itachi’s Challenge. uDebug is a very handy tool to fix the problems in code and to learn alone. I really liked it when Toph added this feature. It is really sad that I can’t use uDebug to debug my codes for the problems in Toph.

I will really wish this feature to be fixed quickly. @hjr265

Thank you @touhidur for reporting this.

The way it works with uDebug is that we periodically let them know that new problems and solutions are available for them to fetch from our server. However, we only hand over the problems to them that has been properly categorized on Toph.

In case some problem has not been categorized, they are not added to uDebug. And, it seems some of the uncategorized problems are showing the uDebug button (a mistake on our part). We will look into this soon.

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How many problems have been catagorized, I wonder.

And also it feels unclear how toph handles problems mixed catagory problems.

@touhidur The number of problems that have been categorized so far are listed under each category in this page: https://toph.co/problems

But, the total number of problems in our archive is 746.

So you can tell that not all of the problems have been categorized.

A new feature will allow solvers to suggest tags and categories in the near future once they have solved a problem. We hope that will help improve the archive even more.

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@hjr265 I think this problem is categorized yet still have no uDebug button.
Newly added catagory problems are the same.

@touhidur That is because we didn’t hand over the solution for this problem to uDebug yet. Remember, there are two requirements here:

  1. We hand over a correct solution to uDebug.
  2. We categorize the problem in our archive.

Only then will uDebug work for the problem.

I thought the solution was optional and anyone can add it anyhow.
Isn’t just if the problem statement exist, the uDebug link can exist?

I think if just all the problems are added in uDebug, people will eventually keep adding solves for them.
I know you will say about the efficiency of their codes. But doesn’t Mods check if they produce AC verdict however.
The process can be faster this way.