Buckets of Water

In Abby’s area the water is available in the tap only from 6AM to 8AM. So, Abby thought she would store water during that time. But to store water Abby needs some buckets, thus, she went to the bucket section in the supermarket. There were a lot of shelves in the bucket section. There were different sizes of buckets in different shelves. Every bucket in the same shelf has the same size. Abby saw a ladder leaning on the shelves and climbed up to reach the topmost shelf. After reaching the topmost shelf, she suddenly realized she can hold only one bucket at a time on one hand because she needs to use the other hand to hold on to the ladder and climb down. Note that, she can not climb up using one hand because she is not that strong and once she climbs all the way down she can’t climb up the ladder again cause a lot of people are waiting to use the ladder as well. Abby might not be strong, but she is intelligent in deed. She thought of an idea using which she can pick as many buckets as possible in such a way that she won’t have to hold more than one bucket.

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