Booklet Tidings

I think there is no need to add “বাংলা” or “English” taglines in the booklet. It feels unbearable (awkward too) reading the printed version of the booklet.

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The current version does leave room for a lot of improvement.

We still need a way to distinguish between different locales. You may find stark differences in the two languages that are in the screenshot. But, for languages that have common alphabets, it will be a worse experience for the contestant if we make the job of finding where one statement ends and where another begins a part of his problem solving challenge.

I will try to think of some other ways to indicate how we can mark where the different parts of the texts begin. Suggestions are welcome.

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In my training contest, one problem’s geometric figure are not visible in the booklet.
Link of the contest:

[I covered secret things in the screenshot.]

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Hello @hjr265
As I mentioned you in the previous reply, you didn’t replied me. That’s why I’m asking again.

In that training contest if I go to the challenges list and look at the 3rd problem I can see the geometric figure.

But if I look from the arena, it’s invisible.

Contestants couldn’t see the figure too (during the contest). And it also didn’t appeared in the booklet. Is there any issue?? Please reply.

@mdvirus This is a bug. At this moment I don’t have a lot of information to share. It’s in the plans to be resolved soon.

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When the editorial of the problem will release?

@hjr265 In a training contest, a moderator can download it’s booklet from the moderation dashboard and a contestant can download it from the contest arena during the contest. But recently contestants couldn’t download training contest’s booklet. Please fix this. (Plus) In the booklet, the link of the training contests appears incorrectly.