Bangla Tutorials

When will we see the language switch button over the Toph tutorials?

I think Toph should consider this. It can raise its popularity and make people suggest Toph tutorials like many other popular resources on the net. (adding the fact that it is written in both English and Bangla :yum:)

And I think that when a tutorial is finished, the translation process becomes a fact matter of time.

And it somewhat feels off when a Bangladeshi site lacks contents written in Bangla.

I wish to know what Toph thinks about this.

[Offtopic: I might be creating too many topics over a little time. But when an idea appears, I think it is best to share it just then. Forgive my imprudence.]

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Please feel free to share ideas whenever you have one. Naturally, if it is something not in alignment with Toph’s vision, I will point it out. But it is never a bad idea to discuss (good things).

I need to do some work to allow localization of tutorials. It is not that it will be very difficult to add support for it. The core of the platform has been built with this in mind. But, it will still involve a bit of work.

Speaking of the platform supporting internationalization/localization, this is something that is a work in progress:

Anyway, once that is done, we can definitely prepare some tutorials in Bengali.

I cannot however promise any timeline on this as right now there are a few features/issues that have a bit of a higher priority. Once those are done, I can plan and schedule this.

Thanks for your detailed reply.

Of course, you cannot promise any timeline, and we understand this.

However, since I have read something like Internationalization/Localization, let me share a story with you.

It was just sometime ago, I met with a foreigner on Toph. (or might be a JisooKim fan) Her name was JisooKim.

However, that is not the thing I want to discuss. :sweat_smile:

When I saw her profile, I found out that her nickname on Toph was not properly showing.
So, naturally, I told her to write in English. (thought it might be some ASCII related problem)

And her reply was something like this: “my nickname isn’t English lol I’m actually not from BD so yeah…”

However, that is also not what I want to discuss. :mask:

From the story above, we can notice two bugs.

  1. NickNames not showing properly.
  2. the ' character in Toph messages is not showing properly.

And that is how I naturally find bugs on Toph. (lol) Yes that is what I wanted to discuss. (I think it is right to joke once (or try to joke) once in a while :sleeping:)

I am aware of the second thing. Messages are passed through this sanitizer that is a bit too strict. And, it is messing up the single quotes. This is the second report about it.

About the first point, Topg doesn’t ask for nicknames. That field is for native name. That is you write your name in the characters/alphabets of your native language.

The reason you couldn’t see that other person’s native name is possibly because you didn’t have the necessary font installed on your computer.

Yep, I just checked the profile. I can see the native name. :slight_smile:

Opps! there was a term like that!
I thought I can see every unicode text.

Shall we call it a bug in finding bugs then?

then let me add some more broken thiings about the message utility.

<p> and <br> tags does not work. if you write something like this

<p> something </p> <p> something </p> something <br> something

the sent message will be like this,

something something something something

However the plotter will show this,


and again, single line break does not work. If you want to write this,


the output will be this,

something something

again the plotter shows this,


However, this thing remains the same in both plotter and the sent message.



This is something that I haven’t decided about yet. But, it is likely that the conversations will allow Markdown, but not HTML.

The behavior right now is in line with that.