Adding new features on Drafts


There are some limitations on Toph drafts. So if you add these features I will be thankful to you.

Firstly, we cannot remove/delete problems from Toph drafts. [That’s why our drafts can be filled with too many unnecessary problems.] I requested to add this feature at past, but no one responded.

Secondly, there are two available languages for statements (English & Bengali) on Toph drafts. But in the preview we can see just the English language statement (see the attachments). Both language preview only appears if we set the problem for any contest.

So now can you please add these two features (deleting problems button + both language preview button like contests)? This will help a lot of problemsetters.

@mashfiqur404 Thank you for the feature request.

At this point, I cannot promise when the first one will be implemented. The second one is in our current roadmap for the next couple of months.

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