Accessibility Settings are Here

We are happy to introduce accessibility settings on Toph.

For now, we have added options for dark mode and reduced motion. We plan to add more soon.

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Both of the current features are extremely useful for me!

I was surprised and shocked to see my profile in the GIF. :smile:

I saw the blog in the Telegram channel, but it is private now.
Is there a reason for that?

Glad to know you are finding it useful! @Nusab19

Re: being private, do you mean the Telegram channel or the blog post? Neither should be private.

Does the blog post not load for you?

I was talking about the Telegram channel. It’s private.

“Toph Status” is public. But “Toph” is not.

Edit: I can join both channels using the invite link, but they would be better public.

Ah, you need to join the channel through the invitation link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

We will look into making it public so that it can be searched for on Telegram and joined without needing any special link.

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