About API of this site

I have a request, if possible I wish for toph.co API’s documentation to get problem solving related information of an user.


@Mestu_Paul Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we have in our roadmap. However, if you need something in specific immediately, you can let me know about that.

You see, although we have this in our roadmap, we may not be able to start working on API documentation until later this year. We have a few slightly higher priority to-dos (Print Server, Toph Box, Toph Quiz, Toph Battles, etc) at hand.

That is why if you currently need some specific APIs, and if you can describe your requirements, I can write a short outline of those APIs for you. I can also accommodate reasonable requests for new APIs in case existing APIs do not meet your needs.

I will ping you in a personal chat here in Community.

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That’ll be great if we get an API.

So this means, although documentation will not be available soon. The work is done and we can manually ask how to get some data, what is that endpoint and how it works?