SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 - Chattogram Regional Selection (Replay)


The contest will start on 2019-10-05T13:00:00Z and will run for 3 hours.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

Does anyone know what this is about?

Nope. Can someone please inform us if this is a second chance for those who didn’t get selected or something completely else

This is a replay of the original contest so that others can participate in it and try out the problems. The results of this particular contest will not be taken into consideration in any selection process.

Can I participate in the preliminary without the giving regional? And by the way what is the latest date selected for SCB-PA ISCPC 2019 preliminary?

I can’t find C language.:expressionless:

Opps, forgot about it !!!
When will be the problems be added @hjr265 ?