SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2018 Practice (Replay)


The contest will start on September 26, 2019 at 2:30 PM UTC and will run for 24 hours.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

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Can we have the problems included in the Toph archive?
These problems are really perfect to recommend beginners.

Dear hjr265,
Thank you for your help. Thanks for giving the link. But can you please check a problem of mine in the একটি পিঁপড়ার আত্মকাহিনী; In this problem the first sample input and output is
3 Yes! The ant is Alive.
But we need at least two input;
heres my solution:

using namespace std;

int main() {
    int b, d, t;
    while(cin >> b >> d){
        t = b / d;
        if(t <= 5 && t!= 0){
            cout << "Yes! The ant is Alive." << "\n";
        }else {
            cout << "Sorry !the ant is nomore." << "\n";
    return 0;


It is showing runtime error. I can’t solve the problem for the 3 Yes! The ant is Alive. sample case. Hope you will help me;Thank you for your helping attitude; my submission id is
and what is the menaing of this line:
প্রথম লাইনে থাকবে একটি ধনাত্মক পূর্ণসংখ্যা T ( 1<=T<=100 ), যেটি হল টেস্ট কেসের সংখ্যা

@Wasif_719 Let the contest end then I help solve the problem? I think that’s fair. :slight_smile:

About the question you asked at the end, it means your program will have to first read the value of T, and solve T number of test cases. That usually means your code will look like this:

int T;
scanf("%d", &T)
while(T--) {
    // The solution for the problem goes here.

@touhidur To be honest, I haven’t checked out the problems. I suppose they are good for beginners. The thing that I noticed however is that the statements have mixed languages.

So, if I get some time, I may fix them and make them a bit more neat and then publish them to the archive.

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@hjr265 , that is the problem.

Edit: This post was the reply of this post.

But this is just a practise contest. So, if you help me now that isn’t illegal.

I didn’t say legal/illegal. I said fair/unfair.

It would be very unfair if I robbed you of the fun of participating in a contest by helping you in the middle of it.

Ok bro as your wish. Can I know about yourself?
By the way I am Wasif Jamil Siddique read in class 8 at Habiganj.

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Nice to meet you @Wasif_719, I am Mahmud Ridwan.

It’s good to see people getting into programming at such an early age! I hope Toph is helping with that. :slight_smile:

Thank you and yeah toph is helping me a lot.

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