Sad Story of an Argentian Fan

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The date was 20th June, 2018. I was desperately trying to solve a problem at midnight while Aumit bro was browsing facebook. Suddenly, He started “Lungi Dance”. I was shocked, astonished and in anger. I asked him”What the heck are you doing,dude? ”. He screamed at me saying”I have won a lottery and here is the text. National eye Foundation’s sent me this. Yahoo! I have now a bike(again lungi dance)..”. I read the text ”Dear Aumit, We gladly want to know you that You have won the first prize and its a Yamaha bike. Please, visit Our office in 31st june to take your gift. Sender: National Eye foundation.” The text looked so real that I was in disbelief. Our Bro, Aumit Bro woke very early in the next morning. When I woke up, I saw Hair gel, facewash, cream and hair fall avoidance cream on his table. I laughed and asked him”is this your?”. He positively replied me that he bought those because he needed to be more cool to ride a bike. His time was going so well and he arranged a party at that night. He finished his face wash , hairfall avoidance cream in just 2 days.

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