Programming Languages !!!

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Joy is a programmer. He likes to learn various programming languages. He has already learned many programming languages and always uses these in his ACM programming problem solving. Recently, an idea has come into his mind. He wants to make a programming language of his own which will be very user friendly and logically easier for a beginner programmer. And so he wants to follow some of the already existed programming languages. But he is confused about choosing the languages that he will follow to make the new one! For that reason, he wants a solution from his elder brother Joly. But, Joly is very busy now-a-days. So, Joly asked you to help Joy. Joly told you to follow at most 3 languages those are lexicographically(ASCII value-based) higher than the new programming language and the lexicographical difference between the name of those languages should be as minimum as possible from Joy’s new programming language.

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