Ice-Cream of Montu Mia Again!

Montu Mia is a student of “Omok School”. He likes to eat an ice-cream every day. But he also likes to buy that ice-cream with his daily pocket money. His father always gives him maximum pocket money for the purpose of transportation costs only. Because his mother makes tiffin for him every day.

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what is the problem??

notes = int(input())

note_list = input()

note_list = note_list.split()

note_list = [int(x) for x in note_list]


items = int(input())

price_list = input()

price_list = price_list.split()

price_list = [int(x) for x in price_list]

count = 0

for i in price_list:

    if i in note_list:

        count +=1

if count>0:




I have a question. In this problem, it is said that I must have exactly a note similar price to the ice-cream. I also have used this in my algorithm. But I am getting WA. Can anyone explain this more correctly?

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my 4th output is wrong. but what is the problem?

int main(){
int arr1[100],arr2[100],n,m,i,j;
scanf("%d", &n);
int count = 0;

    scanf("%d", &arr1[i]);

scanf("%d", &m);


    scanf("%d", &arr2[j]);

            count = count + 1; }



printf("%d", count);

return 0;