How to make card links

How to make card links like this in the community?

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Paste the link in a separate line, all by itself.

Not all external links will be rendered as a card.

Is there any whitelist? Which sites are whitelisted?

Almost everything is allowed. This shouldn’t be an issue.

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I was actually trying to render a submission link as a card but it is not working

That is because submission pages are not publicly viewable. You need to be logged in to view the submission page on Toph.

When a card is generated, it is down with a crawler. That crawler doesn’t have access to your Toph account.

Maybe creating a dummy bot account and using its credentials in the crawler would fix this. I mean people generally will try to share Tophs link in the community right.
And since in Toph’s new submission policy, every submission of an archived problem is viewable.

There are easy solutions. And then there are good solutions. :slight_smile:

:thinking: :mask: :thinking: :mask:
It seems good to me though cause even if It’s showed as a card those who have no Toph account cannot see the submissions. :sweat_smile:

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